Amazing Transmissions has the answer to the Diesel Truck Concerns


Everybody wants more power, more speed, and better all around performance now more than ever before. The only problem with all that is the cost of Diesel fuel. The prices at the pump keep rising and everybody’s finding themselves spending more and more $$ every time they fill up.


Amazing Transmissions has come up with the answer. We have designed a Transmission System that gives you the best of both worlds. By combining technologies through countless hours of R&D we have unlocked the key to a great marriage between Power and Fuel Efficiency.


When you need Raw Power to pull a load, Plow, Climb a steep hill, or power through mud it’s there. When you are driving under normal conditions the fuel mileage will increase giving you the best of both worlds.


Give us a call at 973-586-2191 or contact us and get your Amazing Transmission System started today.