Auto Repair: Honda Timing Belt & Water pump

Honda Timing Belt & Water pump

Replacing your Timing belt and water pump is very important.
We just recently performed this maintenance item on a new customer’s Honda pilot. While we wepic1re doing the repair we noticed the water pump had been leaking for some time.

The water pump is located under the timing belt cover and isn’t visible from the outside. If we didn’t recommend the timing belt and tensioner replacement the anti-freeze would have weakened the belt and it would have jumped time. When that happens the valves in the engine would have stayed open and the engine pistons would have hit them causing catastrophic engine damage and the engine would have to be replaced. Engines cost anywhere from $4, 000.00 to $15, 000.00 dollars!

pic2We also noticed that the Serpentine belt, Belt tensioner, and belt pulleys were also worn out. When the tensioner is stuck in one position it doesn’t keep the engine belt properly tensioned and causes it to wear quickly. If the idler pulleys seize the belt burns up and snaps causing your car to lose its power steering, electrical, air conditioning, and anything else that that belt turns.



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