With Today’s high fuel prices it is in everyone’s best interest to keep your engine running at its maximum efficiency and performance level. Don’t be fooled by the Dealers recommendations on service increments. These recommendations are designed to make it seem attractive when you purchase your new vehicle. Telling the potential new customer that all you need to do is change the oil every 10-15 thousand miles is bad advice. Telling the customer that you don’t have to tune up your vehicle for 100, 000 miles is another laughable recommendation. Once your warranty runs out you are out of luck. However, they will sell you a new Vehicle and take your old one in on trade for far less than it is really worth.



What they don’t tell you is how much fuel mileage, power loss, and unnecessary wear you are going to incur over the span of the years while that vehicle is on the road. Even when you are leasing a vehicle you still lose money if your engine is not running at its best. If your vehicle is older it’s even more critical to maintain it.


Once the sale is made the Dealers New and Used don’t care about you or your vehicle they collected your hard earned money. Do you really think the dealers are going to do everything possible to keep your vehicle running at its best? Especially if you’re not paying them for the service.

Here at Amazing Automotive we take your vehicle seriously. We have a love for what we do and we care about our customers. We will check your engine along with the rest of your vehicle and make all the necessary recommendations to keep your vehicle running at its best for the life your vehicle.

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