Sprinter Repair and Preventative Maintenance Services

Maintaining your Mercedes / Freightliner / Dodge / Sprinter van.

As the premier Sprinter transmission authority, we’re equipped to handle all of your service needs.

rockaway nj sprinter van serviceDoes your business own one or more Sprinter Vans? Preventative maintenance extends the life of your vehicle’s Transmission & Engine parts. The most expensive to replace are the power-train components, so it’s important to give extra consideration to these components. By properly maintaining the power-train components in your Freightliner / Dodge / Mercedes Benz Sprinter cargo van or panel truck, you can save a significant amount of money over the vehicle’s lifetime, while at the same time extending the overall life of the vehicle.

Basic preventative maintenance includes Transmission fluid, Engine coolant, Oil and oil filter replacement, air filter, Suspension components, Brake components, and tire rotations. Many manufacturers recommend a major service interval of every 30, 000 miles or so. With constant commercial use you have to figure your service increments by hours rather than miles. Your Sprinter’s age is also very critical. Constantly servicing and checking the vehicle over is a practice that will help avoid costly repairs that could have been avoided.

Today’s exceptional weather conditions dictate an extreme urgency. When your vehicle is idling, or in traffic on route to service calls it is taking unseen abuse. Road conditions can all place additional stress on your Sprinter’s Torque converter, Transmission, Engine, Suspension, Brakes, and other drive-train components. The summer’s heat will take an additional toll on your Sprinter’s Transmission fluid, the fluid that keeps your transmission lubricated and cool. Over time the Transmission fluid breaks down and the additives that once protected moving parts from wear can become problematic, creating sludge that can lead to a breakdown. This is definitely a situation where a little prevention can save you time and money down the road. Your Engine oil is affected the same way. Often the Engine oil isn’t overlooked but the Transmission Fluid is. 90% of company Vans, Box Trucks, Pick-up trucks, and Cars that break down are mostly due to the Maintenance that has been forgotten.

Excessive wear and damage will occur over time and overlooking service increments will cause the need for a Torque Converter, Transmission, or Engine replacement. You can trust that our computer diagnostic tools and experience will ensure you have a reliable drivetrain that you can depend on. We have most of the parts in stock ready so we can get your vehicle back on the road quickly.

Let Amazing Automotive & Transmissions help you with your Sprinter Needs…! So give us a Call today at 973-586-2191 or contact us and we will take care of your company’s vehicles so you can concentrate on your business.


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